Ruth Manchester

The NZAP has great pleasure in conferring this award on Ruth Manchester. It acknowledges Ruth’s long and distinguished service co the Association, as a Member, as a Member of Council- elected soon after her joining the Association, and as President and Past-President. Her recent work in compiling the history of the Association shows an ongoing interest in the Association and a dedication to recognising the work of others.

As a Supervisor and member of the Supervisors’ group, both in Wellington and the Central Districts, she has shown an essential humanity, good sense and clinical acumen together with an enabling style chat evokes the best from people. She is able co support without creating dependence, confront without being persecutory and her ability to integrate wider social with intrapsychic levels of understanding provides admirable modelling. We admire her calmness, pragmatism and her experience. She has contributed much to the development of excellence in standards and has done much work in developing procedures for the Association.

Many thanks Ruth.