Universal Wellbeing Evaluation Tool Accreditation Programme for Clinicians

Posted on March 20, 2024

Support Comprehensive Universal Wellbeing Transformations

The transformative Universal Wellbeing Model (UWM) and Universal Wellbeing Evaluation Tool (UWET) emerged in 2023 from a 15 year programme of research which was in part supported by two national Ako Aotearoa/New Zealand Best Practice Research Awards.
The UWET can accurately identify the status of the 70 social, physical, intellectual, cultural, ethnic, emotional, and spiritual dimension variables that determine Universal Wellbeing and identify areas of strength and poor wellbeing risks. Confidential UWET Reports analysed and interpreted by accredited UWET Facilitators empower wellbeing practitioners and clinicians to quickly support and/or intervene to optimise universal wellbeing improvements in individuals and across organisations.



• Accurately identify the status of 70 wellbeing influencing variables
• Provide information that normally take 6 to 20 hours to acquire
• Identify the variables supporting positive universal wellbeing
• Identify home, work, and study place impacts on wellbeing
• Identify the variables harming universal wellbeing
• Precisely target areas for support and intervention
• Identify potential suicide, physical violence, and other risks
• Foster development of caring communities
• Develop Universal Wellbeing Literacy
• Empower people to undertake wellbeing transformations

Provide a Personal Confidential Individual UWET Report


• Foster cross organisational Universal Wellbeing Organisational Literacy
• Support a whole of organisational universal wellbeing system development
• Foster engagement, growth, culture change and continuous improvement
• Empower organisations to make sound data and evidence-based decisions
• Support continuous improvement through ‘before & after’ evaluations
• Evaluate engagement/achievement/productivity, and equity initiatives
• Identify the status of 70 wellbeing influencing variables across an organisation
• Provides cross organisational wellbeing information quickly and at low cost
• Identify the variables harming cross organisational universal wellbeing
• Identify the variables supporting positive universal wellbeing
• Identify areas in which interventions should be targeted
• Identify potential suicide, physical violence, and other risks
• Develop a poor wellbeing prevention system

Provide Confidential Individual &Organisation UWET Reports
UWET is research-based and comprehensive

Universal Wellbeing Evaluation Tool Accreditation Programme

APS/NZPs/SCPSIG and NZAP members $1,800 plus GST; non-members $2,000 plus GST; students: $800 plus GST

Starts 30th April, 23rd July & 15th October 2024 Schedule agreed with enrolees

Certificate in Universal Wellbeing Facilitation (Accelerated Option) includes:
*Accreditation Requirements for: Professional Universal Wellbeing Facilitator
(Facilitation & Reporting of Universal Wellbeing Evaluation Tool (UWET) Outcomes).

This programme develops advanced professional facilitation communication capabilities, and the core knowledge, and skills required to ethically implement, analyse, interpret, and report outcomes of the Universal Wellbeing Evaluation Tool(UWET). Peer review, safe and ethical practices are also examined and practiced. Note: This programme requires application of material facilitated to others and groups in a chosen context overtime. Graduates of this professional programme will be prepared to professionally facilitate, administer, and report Universal Wellbeing Evaluations and report these to diverse people.

Accelerated Entry Criteria – Those eligible to apply are: NZCDI/FWI qualified Pastoral Care Programme graduates and degree qualified and experienced Health Education, RTLBs, Teachers, Social Workers, Nurses, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, SENCos, Evaluators, Counsellors Psychotherapists, Psychologist and Clinical Psychologist trained applicants.

See the flyer linked here for the Programme Enrolment Form/Information or email Contactus@freedom-ihe.ac.nz for more information.